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Standardised solutions for electronic student files and accreditation procedures

With the release of Qurricula 1.0, Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH has reached a milestone in developing a standardised software solution that allows universities across Germany and the European Union to effectively display basic data for internal and external accreditation and amendment purposes with the help of IT solutions. Its aim is to give universities the opportunity to focus on real quality development in higher education and research.

“Quality not only comes through regular measurements and surveys, but also a focus on communication and interaction between all parties involved, which is necessary to establish and develop a positive quality culture”.

Originally designed as individual software to view system-accredited Quality Management solutions for the University of Heidelberg, Qurricula has been developed to the standard solution now available. This was only possible with professional feedback from almost a dozen well-known universities from all over the country and several accreditation agencies.

The purposes of Qurricula:

  • central student file, providing the basis for various analyses and processes
  • sustainability through the transparent display of processes and methodical knowledge management
  • neat display of appointments, deadlines and process steps
  • continuity secured through central data securing of essential information
  • automatic generation of data reports from different data sources
  • central deposit of process-essential documents
  • opportunity to release programme of study-related information publicly or only within the university
  • extensive evaluation possibilities, making large amounts of data effectively useable
  • optional takeover and migration of inventory data

To meet all demands from the various kinds and sizes of university, two variations of Qurricula are available. It is possible to switch seamlessly between versions at any time.

Qurricula for committees and accreditation of study programmes

Based on the central student file in this version, Qurricula offers the opportunity to display processes connected to maintaining the study programme as well as programme accreditation.

Process submittals are available for creating, developing or editing, as well as the repeal of study regulations. In addition, data reports for submission to the accreditation council can be produced automatically, and can be manually edited at any time.

Qurricula for system accreditation

Besides the features mentioned above, a further development step of the software is the possibility of displaying internal university accreditation and communication procedures based on the central student file and in accordance with legal requirements, under additional consideration of university-specific quality aims and inclusion of various status groups and committees.

Special attention is given to the documentation of the relevant criteria for (re-)accreditation, for example displaying quality development over time, and how requirements, recommendations and resulting actions function.

The development step also offers the required flexibility to display procedures within the context of alternative accreditation procedures.

Qurricula community / prospect

Qurricula was developed based on the requirements from the Community of Practice relating to quality development within Higher Education.

It was introduced at symposiums in Zurich and Edinburgh in 2017, and further developed in many workshops and on-site meetings in 2018. The software is being constantly developed through lively exchanges with quality development experts from the field of Higher Education.

At present, a hot topic is the development of options for the inclusion of competences within the German Higher Education Competence Framework and the unique competences offered by the universities in all study programme files and all resulting procedures.

For further informations or in case of any questions please contact us.

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