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In the field of medicine, a patient is not healed when the symptoms have disappeared, but when the root cause of the problem has been cured. The faster an illness is diagnosed, the faster the process of healing can begin. What is right for patients individually is no less true for hospitals. Speed, efficiency and recognising and treating the problems that arise: Quratio offers ideal and customised solutions in all these areas.

Routine diagnostics

Today, numerous illnesses can be determined quickly and easily via routine diagnostics. But even before patients step into their office, doctors can get some first insights into their patients through an online survey provided by Quratio. Not only does this save time, it results in less stress for both doctor and patient, and boosts efficiency.

With routine diagnostics, admission and discharge interviews can be almost fully automated to measure a course of treatment’s success and – if necessary – suggest further steps in the patient’s therapy.

Quality management

Besides efficiency, the quality of a patient’s treatment is another key area in which Quratio can play a part. Problems may arise even in a well-organised hospital, and patients may be dissatisfied. Just as in treatment, it is important to address complaints as soon as possible, particularly with a view to maintaining the relationship of trust between patient and the healthcare institute. The “emotional after-care” for patients following a complaint and of course tackling the cause of the complaint are just as important healing them.

Quratio offers complaint management elements to detect problems that occur quickly and be able to react immediately. They also enable quality targets to be monitored throughout the organisation and benchmark comparisons to be made.

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