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A broad variety of surveys found their way into higher education with the implementation of the Bologna Process. From mandatory course evaluations to graduate and alumni surveys, the opinions of former and current students are an important source of feedback on education-related topics. Even more feedback givers and survey processes enter the picture if evaluations are done on a greater scale – for example, during a quality management or accreditation process. FI EDUCATION offers components for both areas.

Module Evaluation / Course Evaluation

FI EDUCATION offers three modules that can be chosen and combined independently:

• Generating surveys
• Online portals for teachers and students
• Generating and distributing evaluation reports

FI EDUCATION offers a largely automated teaching survey based on EvaSys. Teachers are offered many ways to interact with their students, for example to gain a greater degree of feedback in online surveys. Teachers are also given the opportunity to get back to their students with the evaluation results. Generating and distributing static evaluation formats like PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word are supported, as are dynamic dashboards that search and analyse vast amounts of data in a convenient way.

Accreditation and Quality Management in Higher Education

But the software is capable of even more: thanks to its modular design, the single elements of FI EDUCATION can be used to illustrate complex processes within quality management and accreditation procedures.

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