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Feedback management solutions

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH specialises in developing bespoke solutions for the integration of feedback processes based on the Feedback Integration Platform – which is a composition of technologies that is constantly extended and improved by creating sector specific solutions and individual software projects based upon it. Amongst other products, the platform contains EvaSys and EvaExam – two standard survey and assessment software products which are used in the context of the Electric Paper Developer Network.

Create, process and evaluate questionnaires efficiently.

We support the creation, processing and evaluation of data for a range of surveys regardless of their size or complexity, the number of participants, or format- paper-based surveys, online surveys and combined formats.

Using automated solutions, we create solutions that drive efficiencies in each stage of the evaluation process and reduce the need for manual processing. And by using results based agile methods we work with our clients to design and develop the best solution to meet their unique requirements.

We support a range of applications including:

  • customer surveys
  • employee surveys
  • satisfaction surveys
  • training course and student surveys
  • complaint management solutions

Feedback management solutions with interfaces that are intuitive.

We use a range of data visualisation tools that are intuitive for users. These include user friendly user interfaces such as tables, graphs and dials that can be viewed on mobile devices as well as PCs so that users will find results to their surveys easier to read and understand.

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