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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH innovative business intelligence software gives you access to a range of data visualisation and reporting tools so that you can make better informed business decisions.

Using leading dashboard technology – powered by Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd. – we look to identify the best visualisation, analysis and reporting tools to suit your key performance data such as easy to use optimised tables, graphs and dials.

Visualise and analyse your business data in a couple of mouse clicks.

These creative business dashboard applications allow you to create your own highly-interactive and graphical displays of your most important business data based on the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to you.

We provide training for you and your employees and unlike other business intelligence applications, our solutions are easy to use and configure and are ready to use within just a few days, rather than weeks like some packages.

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The business intelligence industry has faced recent criticism with users saying that some products are difficult to implement and the end user is not given enough flexibility. It is reported that around 50% of business intelligence software licenses will not used because of severe problems during commissioning and adaptation.

To address this issue we use Rapid Implementation methodology to ensure that users can get the best value from their investment in our dashboard software. Rapid draws from Agile project management practices by favouring early product exposure over analysis, as well as, close collaboration between users and technical staff.

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