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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH offers you business intelligence solutions comprised of intuitive dashboards that allow your users to find exactly the information they’re looking for with just a few clicks of the mouse so they can make decisions efficiently.

Using the Intuitive Business Intelligence Technology developed by our Manchester-based partner, Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd., we offer a number of different sector-specific Business Intelligence packages based on the requirements of individual sectors and modified specifically to your needs as part of project work.

Visualise, analyse and utilise business data at a glance

Our innovative solutions allow you to create your own highly interactive, graphic dashboard views for your most important business data based on metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Upon request, we can offer training to your employees as part of our project work so that you are able to modify and enhance your Business Intelligence package on your own.

Unlike other Business Intelligence applications, our solutions are extremely easy to use and are highly configurable without requiring any extensive technical knowledge. In fact, our dashboards can be up and running in your organisation within just a few days, much faster than the typical weeks-long process otherwise.

Bild: Business Intellgicence Laptop

The business intelligence sector has been criticised for its many software products being difficult to roll out company-wide, as well as for not offering end users sufficient flexibility. A number of different statistics indicate that some 50% of business intelligence software licences are never even used because of significant problems in implementing and adapting them.

To combat this problem, Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH works according to a rapid methodology to ensure that your users are quickly able to make full use of your investment in our dashboards. Rapidity is based on an agile set of practices: Early use of the product is preferred over detailed analysis in preparation, and we rely on close cooperation between users and technical staff.

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