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Here you’ll find up-to-date notifications and information on projects we’re working on, events you can attend to discuss things with us face-to-face, and current Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH offers.

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Learning to help

As an affiliate of to Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH, Grabow & Kiss Software Kft has successfully developed a specialisation in evaluation, a skill that can be used in countless areas. One area that is completely new for GKS is the civil sector.


Who? Where? What? – Wonkfest!

The area of Higher Education is made up of a huge number of diverse branches . The picture becomes even more colourful if we include not only the related topics but also all related people. This is one of the reasons why working in this sector is so exciting for Grabow & Kiss.


Newly joined the SEVAL

Precision is essential when it comes to evaluation. So it´s natural that in Switzerland, evaluations are carried out with clockwork precision. Just as naturally, GKS has joined the Swiss confederate equivalent of DeGEval, SEVAL.

Attending the annual DeGEval meeting

A new trend is placing new challenges ahead of evaluation services. Often, it is now not only important how well the teaching is done, but how well the transferred knowledge is used in practice later. (more…)

In good company – GKS now a member of the dghd

The dghd (German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education) is the association of German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Its members are institutions or persons that work and do research in the field of academic development or that are interested in developing the quality of Higher Education in German-speaking countries. (more…)

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