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EvaMetrics Steering Group

EvaMetrics Steering Group

At the end of last year, EvaMetrics users and developers gathered for an afternoon of exchanging experiences in Edinburgh. The latest developments in the field of Evaluation in HEI in the UK were the main focus of the event hosted by Achievability, GKS’ knowledge partner in the country.

The event saw the introduction of the now effectively useable “Qualitative Analysis” feature: a new component to EvaMetrics, which allows the evaluation of answers given to open questions regarding categorisation and sentiment analysis. The next step will be to build a feature that enables faculties within a HEI to conduct surveys, which are compliant with central guidelines guaranteeing comparability, but are also flexible enough to meet subject-specific requirements. It will thus be possible to have a centralised item library at faculty level, and users will be able to insert their own items into central surveys.

In addition to the professional exchange, it was also a chance for colleagues and users to chat on a personal level, which made the event particularly interesting and enjoyable for GKS founder Wolfgang Grabow.


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