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Learning to help

Learning to help

As an affiliate of to Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH, Grabow & Kiss Software Kft has successfully developed a specialisation in evaluation, a skill that can be used in countless areas. One area that is completely new for GKS is the civil sector.

Grabow & Kiss Software Kft has recently begun to offer their self-developed software TransferQ to Hungarian NGOs, combined with ongoing support. It quickly became obvious that TransferQ helped with their immediate work with their clients, as the software solved logistical problems. But another issue arose: the need for a new way of evaluation. Away from hard, quantitative facts to measuring if so-called “soft aims” were achieved. These aims are difficult to incorporate in a rigid framework, given the individual nature of the stories and situations concerned. Furthermore, GKS has little experience in this area. That is why, together with the first officially co-operating NGO – Alternatíva Alapítvány – GKS will attend a workshop on Evaluating Soft Aims. It is hoping to gain insights into the complex field of evaluating a topic that is hard to get to grips with, thereby enabling it to provide even more support to the work of NGOs.

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