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Who? Where? What? – Wonkfest!

Who? Where? What? – Wonkfest!

The area of Higher Education is made up of a huge number of diverse branches . The picture becomes even more colourful if we include not only the related topics but also all related people. This is one of the reasons why working in this sector is so exciting for Grabow & Kiss.

And this is why founder Wolfgang Grabow is looking forward to Wonkfest, the meet-up for everybody concerned in some way with Higher Education in the UK. Besides questions that will concern GKS directly (how can teaching be evaluated?), there will also be less subject-specific but nonetheless important topics, such as the issue of campuses as Safe Spaces. Together with Achievability, GKS will attend Wonkfest and introduce the latest features of EvaMetrics, which can be used for quality text analytics.  A real date not to be missed, at which Wolfgang Grabow will be available to respond to inquiries on the spot, with appointments also able to be scheduled in advance.

Find out more about Wonkfest here.

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