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Attending the annual DeGEval meeting

Attending the annual DeGEval meeting

A new trend is placing new challenges ahead of evaluation services. Often, it is now not only important how well the teaching is done, but how well the transferred knowledge is used in practice later.

The topic of the meeting is how to evaluate impact. “Verifying impact through evaluation is problematic for a variety of reasons, as “impact” contains serious implications“, as the DeGEval states. The aim of the 21st annual DeGEval symposium, which GKS will also attend, is to tackle this problematic topic together and seek new standards and solutions.

The meeting will look at what is meant by “impact” and “impact orientation”, and how evaluation is related to impact analysis and impact assessments.

GKS will be represented at the meeting by founder Wolfgang Grabow, who is looking forward to discussing these issues and answering questions. If you´d like to make an appointment in advance, please contact us here.

21st annual DeGEval meeting: “Impact orientation and evaluation”
12-14 September 2018
TU Dresden

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