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Reliable standards, trustworthy conclusions – GKS admitted to DeGEval

Reliable standards, trustworthy conclusions – GKS admitted to DeGEval

“The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself” –perhaps this proverb most clearly shows the importance of knowing where collected data comes from and how it is processed.Although this quote is commonly attributed to Winston Churchill, no proof of this can be found, and it is almost certain that it actually originates from the Ministry for Propaganda in Nazi Germany in around 1941.

As the example above shows, it is today essential to know the origin of any given information. To gain reliable results from a survey, it is crucial to work according to solid standards, as there are now a lot of different schools of thought on how to collect and evaluate surveys. The German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) has set itself the task of framing mandatory standards, to ensure its members apply consistent quality in evaluations. GKS therefore considered it self-evident that it needed to apply for membership of DeGEval. The application was confirmed last month, and GKS is now an official and confirmed part of a trustworthy organisation for evaluation service providers in Germany, working constantly to ensure even better quality standards in evaluation.

GKS will contribute to the debate in two professional fields within DeGEval in particular: the Higher Education and Healthcare working committees, both areas of activity in which GKS is already actively present and always looking for professional improvement.

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