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Home is where you can sing along… #FCH-1

Home is where you can sing along… #FCH-1

Two of the values on which Grabow & Kiss GmbH is founded are being attached to your roots and conscious of tradition. So it should come as no surprise that GKS supports Wolfgang Grabow’s home football team, FC Hansa Rostock.

“It’s a natural part of my life, like joining in the chants in the Southern End while drinking Lübzer Pils at the Ostsee Stadium,” Wolfgang explained, when asked about his commitment to the club. Hansa Ranstock has been a huge part of everyday life in North Germany since 1954. A common thread linking the club with GKS is their support for new blood: just as Hansa Rostock gives young talents an opportunity to try out, GKS supports numerous initiatives, e.g. the monthly Clojure Meetup. In order to lean on each other, GKS decided to become a “3-2-1 sponsor” of Hansa Rostock. And although Wolfgang barely finds time to attend the club’s games, he’s still happy to contribute at least in this way.

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