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Trainers’ Conference 2018, Berlin

Trainers’ Conference 2018, Berlin

The annual Trainer Congress in Berlin is just around the corner. Germany´s best trainers will come together to exchange experiences and to learn from each other. But the best training is worth little if what has been learned is not incorporated into the everyday work routine. Austria’s Institut für Transferwirksamkeit (the Institute for Transfer Efficiency or ITW) offers a solution to this problem.

Although it can’t in any sense be considered an active trainer, GKS will attend the congress, because of its successful cooperation with ITW. ITW will introduce itself and its work, while as the partner that developed a technical solution to support it: the Transfermatrix.

GKS will also be there to answer any technical questions that arise on the spot.

Trainer Congress, Berlin – 23- 24 March
For more information and registration, go to:
Trainer Congress in Berlin

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