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play it safe #1

play it safe #1

The more you can do online, the bigger the risk that your personal data might fall into the wrong hands. The European-wide adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation is an attempt to address concerns about personal data.

In light of the high statutory requirements, GKS decided to launch an internal project to ensure that all processes within the company are documented as required by the regulation and are compliant with it. The project was extended at the behest of a leading university in London. Their data protection requirements were even higher, and we thought it necessary to have our product, FI EDUCATION, reviewed externally. To ensure we received the most reliable professional assessment, Cognitect was asked to conduct a code review. Who else, other than the creator of the coding language Clojure, which was used for FI EDUCATION, could reveal possible security gaps or pitfalls within the system architecture more effectively?

The review outcome exceeded the customer´s requirements and Cognitect found that FI EDUCATION “Overall System Security is Excellent”.

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