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Technically always one step ahead

Technically always one step ahead

There are hardly any fields as fast-moving and exciting as software development. The developers’ drive to find better, more intelligent solutions is key to ensuring progress for companies, institutions and society as a whole.

Remaining technically one step ahead is only possible if you love what you do. We at Grabow & Kiss (GKS) understand the importance of sharing a passion. Our passion is to explore new programming languages – together with those who will make progress happen. That’s why we host a monthly Clojure meet-up for developers. We welcome anyone “who speaks our language“, and provide a casual, yet dynamic environment for Clojure enthusiasts, something we have been doing successfully since 2015 by now.

Variety is a crucial part of our daily work, and although Haskell currently plays only a marginal role for us, we support the community of Haskell experts in Budapest. Once a month, we place our GKS offices at their disposal to enable them to exchange ideas and discuss new developments within this highly fascinating language.

Further information about our meetups and events:

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