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Grabow & Kiss GmbH announces its partnership with Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd

Grabow & Kiss GmbH announces its partnership with Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd

Our partnership with Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd forms the basis for Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH’s business intelligence solutions while broadening our options for data visualisation and feedback management.

The first result to come out of this cooperation is EvaSys Insight, a software solution for visualising data in university education that was released a few months ago as part of the Electric Paper Developer Network.

“Our collaboration with Intuitive has allowed us to establish a second focus area: the business intelligence sector. We also see a number of interesting opportunities to provide feedback management results to our customers, including on mobile devices, using this technology,” says Wolfgang A. Grabow, CEO of Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH.

Tony Bray, CEO of Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd, adds, “We are very excited to be working with Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH to help them deliver the next generation of business intelligence solutions to their clients, which includes some of the world’s most prominent higher education (HE) institutions. Their clients can now benefit from their own highly interactive and graphical dashboard views of key business data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to them.”

Sector-specific dashboard packages for procurement, property management and the hotel industry enhance our portfolio to include our first business intelligence services. Check back here soon for more details.

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