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Software developer

Software developer

Team: small (3-5), on project basis
Location: Budapest (V. district), Hungary
Hours: flexible

Feedback management helps organizations to collect and evaluate assessments from a variety of sources. It includes managing deployment of surveys, collection of data, data analysis and reporting. Our goal is to provide bespoke software solutions tailored to customer needs and processes, enabling a high degree of automation and integration with coexisting systems.

You will work with our international partners and customers on designing, developing and maintaining said solutions:

  • Handle production systems serving thousands of users.
  • Learn and work with each layer of the web stack.
  • Write, analyze and optimize complex SQL database queries.

Learn about a variety of systems and technologies as you go:

  • Write code for the JVM in Clojure.
  • Build user interfaces with reactive programming and ClojureScript.


  • BSc in Software Engineering or equivalent experience
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Previous experience in web development and related technologies
  • Interest in functional programming

About Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH:

We are a German / Hungarian IT company with a number of partners in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the United States. Our team has close to 10 years of experience delivering solutions for various aspects of feedback management. We value technical excellence, resourcefulness and productive teamwork.


Come and meet us at one of our Meetups events. We’re proud to organize the Budapest Clojure User Group, also we host the Haskell Book reading group, an event organized by the Budapest Haskell User Group.

Interested even more?

Please send your job application and salary requirements to the email address below.

Nikolett Turza (
Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH – Apáczai Csere János utca 11, 1051 Budapest

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