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About Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH

Wolfgang A. Grabow and Ákos Kiss, the founders of Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH, have been working together for over a decade. They spent around ten years in various positions within the Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH and in its specialised affiliate, Electric Paper Professional Services, where they learned what EvaSys and EvaExam are capable of on an operational level. But one question remained: what other possibilities were hidden in the already collected data? To answer this question, they founded GKS.

GKS is a quintessential medium-sized, but nonetheless, European company, and has the same dual nationality as its founders. Calling both Germany and Hungary their home, they are aware of the advantages the two countries have to offer, in a Europe that is growing ever closer together. The clearest sign of this was the decision made to open two locations.

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH offices

Ludwigslust, Germany

The town is part of the metropolitan region of Hamburg. But more important than its proximity to one of Germany’s most beautiful cities is the personal connection to this gem of North-East Germany. Although GKS is a future-oriented company, it realises the importance of staying connected to its roots.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest enjoys all the advantages an IT company could wish for. An historic, but also modern city, which is home to a workforce of highly-qualified professionals. Budapest is Ludwiglust’s vibrant antithesis.

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