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About Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH

After nearly a decade of close cooperation with Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH working on customising and expanding the standard EvaSys and EvaExam products, the owners of Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH decided to take advantage of their experience and their ideas as part of the Electric Paper Developer Network (EPDN) to create something of their own.


Both of Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH’s owners have close ties to both Germany and Hungary. Wolfgang A. Grabow and Ákos Kiss both speak fluent German and Hungarian and have many years of experience from their projects in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH offices


The German office is located in northern Germany, near the Hamburg metropolitan region. We’re located in the Technology and Industrial Centre Schwerin in the City of the Seven Lakes and Forests.


Our offices in Hungary are located in Mahart Ház, the former seat of the Hungarian merchant fleet, directly on the Danube in the heart of Budapest.

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