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Grabow & Kiss Software – the link between today´s challenges and tomorrow´s solutions

The burgeoning specialisation of expert knowledge and the use of huge amounts of data – two topics that are growing in importance every day, and which also give rise to new challenges. One of the biggest for many organisations is how to use the increasingly scarce resource of “expert time” most efficiently. This is where Grabow & Kiss comes in:

We provide experts with state-of-the-art software solutions, enabling companies to focus their knowledge and expertise on activities that cannot be automated. Our industry solutions unburden experts from time-consuming routine tasks and free up their capacities for their key assignments.

Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH was founded by Wolfgang A. Grabow and Ákos Kiss. Their cooperation dates back to 2006. After working for around 10 years within the Electric Paper (EP) Group, they decided to set up their own company to use their pooled experience, knowledge and excellent contacts among business, education and healthcare representatives. Their ties to EP have remained in place ever since, and Grabow & Kiss Software uses the EVA platform in their software solution for data capture.

With an international network that has grown over the years, Grabow and Kiss Software GmbH has links with numerous “Knowledge partners”. Knowledge partners play a key role within their specific field, and are as aware of challenges and requirements as they are of the latest trends and development opportunities. These partners support Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH with their expert knowledge, and thereby make tailored industry solutions possible.

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